Wendi Sapp, Owner

Web designer/developer, writer, dog mom

Who am I?

I’m a hardworking gal who likes to mess around with computers. I am constantly learning and use my knowledge to help others, either through strengthening their business or introducing them to a new tool that will save time and effort. I’m always improving everything I do – even mundane things like household chores.

This translates well to my business philosophy because I am always looking to improve a tool or design for my clients. You’ll never see me using outdated tools or methods when working on projects.

How did I Get Here?

My professional journey took place on a road with a whole lot of twists, turns, and loops. I am now a web designer and developer, but that was not always the case. The meandering path into my 30s was full of creativity, even if I didn’t see it at the time. I didn’t see it when I was starting college and studying psychology. I didn’t see it when I moved to the west coast and started working for an awesome doctor. I still didn’t see it when I moved back to the midwest and became a computational chemist/physicist. What I see now, however, is that in everything I have done, I have always brought my creativity to the table. 

Now that I have seen this pattern, it is evident that it was there all along. When I was studying psychology I was also a musician “on the side.” When I was working for the awesome doctor I was still a musician “on the side” and also brought creativity to the office when I would suggest changes to our workflow or how we interacted with our patients. Lastly, when I was performing computational research, I see now that scientific research requires creativity as well – and lots of it!

So here I am, embracing my creativity from now on and creating awesome websites.